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Porsche Design Pens: Fountain Pen, Rollerball Pen, Ball Pen, Pencil

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Porsche Design P'3110 Tec Flex Pens - Steel


Steel Fountain Pen

Porsche TecFlex Steel Fountain Pen

Was $750.00

Now $545.00


 Porsche TecFlex Steel Rollerball



 Porsche Steel TecFlex Ballpen



 Porsche Steel TecFlex Pencil



 Porsche TecFlex Matte Black Ballpen



 Porsche TecFlex Steel/Gold Fountain Pen



Porsche TecFlex Steel/Gold Rollerball



 Porsche TecFlex Steel/Gold Ballpen


Porsche Refills

To Order & Pay For Porsche Refills Phone  02 9948 9995 


Porsche Ballpen Refill

Takes Parker Ballpen Refill $8.95 each.  Sold in a pack of 3 refills for $35.80 plus $4.00 postage. Available in Black & blue in fine, Medium & Broad.


Porsche Rollerball Refill

Takes European Standard Rollerball Refill $8.50 each.   Sold in a pack of 4 refills for $34.00 plus $4.00 postage.  Available in Black & Blue.

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