The Pen Shop




For nearly 80 years this family business has continued striving to live up to its aim... "doing one thing well".

Our expertise developed as we became Australia’s first manufacturer of fountain pens - Dasi Pen from 1938 until 1976 - and as an importer, wholesaler, exporter and retailer of writing instruments for leading brands such as Mont Blanc, Lamy, Parker & Waterman. The Pen Shop operated as a bricks and mortar store from 1938 to 2011.


Pen refills

fountain pen

Manufacturing 1950s

Former O'Connell Street Store


FOR ALL ORDERS please phone 02 9948 9995 . Prices include delivery within Australia with the exception of orders for refills for which we charge $4.00 postage.

We now operate exclusively as an online retailer.

The Pen Shop Hours Monday to Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm

We no longer do repairs; please see the Repairs page of this website for this information.

As always, we are committed to providing expert, personal service.

  -- The Pen Shop Team